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On Jan. Viruses invade a cell and take over its molecular machinery, causing it to make new viruses. An international guild of viral historians ferrets out the history of outbreaks by poring over clues embedded in the genetic material of viruses taken from thousands of patients. In January, a team of Chinese and Australian researchers published the first genome of the new virus.

Since then, researchers around the world have sequenced over 3, more. Some are genetically identical to each other, while others carry distinctive mutations.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published new guidelines on Wednesday detailing how essential employees can go back to work even if they have been exposed to people infected by the coronavirus, provided they do not feel sick and follow certain precautions. Those employees can return if they take their temperature before heading to their workplaces, wear a face mask at all times and practice social distancing while on the job, Dr. Robert Redfield, the C.

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They should not share headsets or other objects that touch their faces, and they should not congregate in break rooms or crowded areas, he said. Redfield said that employers should send workers home immediately if they developed any symptoms. He also said they should increase air exchange in their buildings and clean common surfaces more often. The new guidance appears to blend earlier advice. Last week, the C.

A late-arriving wave of illness could overwhelm rural communities that are older, poorer and sicker than much of the country. New York, the hardest hit state in America, reported its highest number of coronavirus-related deaths in a single day on Wednesday, announcing that another people had died. That brought the virus death toll to 6, in New York State, which Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo noted was more than twice as many people as the state had lost in the Sept. The rates depend not only on the number of new arrivals but also on hospital admission standards.

Cuomo warned. Then he pivoted to a more somber tone. New Jersey also had a record number of deaths in the past day: Gov. Philip D.

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Murphy said that people had died there, up from on Tuesday. Cuomo said that the staggering death toll could continue to rise even as hospitalization rates were falling, because it reflected people who had been on ventilators for long periods of time. New York State now has more confirmed cases than any single country in the world outside of the United States.

The homebound and virus-wary across the Northern Hemisphere, be it Mr. Trump or cooped-up schoolchildren, have clung to the possibility that the pandemic will fade in hot weather, as some viral diseases do. After reviewing a variety of research reports, the panel concluded that the number of studies, of varying quality of evidence, simply do not offer a clear forecast of what will happen to the spread of the coronavirus in the summer.

The report cited a small number of well-controlled laboratory studies that show that high temperature and humidity can diminish the ability of the virus to survive in the environment. But the report noted the studies had limitations that made them less than conclusive. A detailed county map shows the extent of the coronavirus outbreak, with tables of the number of cases by county.

As of Monday, 1, developmentally disabled residents in New York State have tested positive for coronavirus, and have died, state officials said, a death rate far higher than in the general population. Separately, a study by a large consortium of private service providers found that residents of group homes and similar facilities in New York City and surrounding areas were 5.

A caregiver on Staten Island, who said about 50 colleagues had tested positive, described the challenges faced by those remaining on the job. The growing number of coronavirus cases has raised interest in state guidelines outlining who should be prioritized for lifesaving medical treatments in an emergency.

The guidelines also referred to age as a potential category for exclusion, which raised questions of age discrimination, according to the review. The state has agreed to remove all links to the document on its website and not include the contested guidance in its plan for responding to the coronavirus outbreak, the civil rights office said.

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The quick resolution to a complaint meant that the state would not be subject to a lengthy investigation that might result in a potential loss of federal funds. Republican legislators in Kansas on Wednesday rescinded an order intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus by limiting the size of church services, even as the number of cases in that state continued to rise. The move, days before Easter, came after Gov.

Laura Kelly, a Democrat, signed an executive order banning gatherings of 10 or more people at religious institutions. Kelly said on Wednesday that Kansas had 1, cases of the coronavirus and 38 deaths. On Wednesday evening Mr. In a joint statement earlier, Ms. It was unclear whether Republicans would agree to the additions, although some lawmakers warned against doing anything that could delay an infusion of cash that both parties agree is badly needed for small businesses.

The Cook County Jail in Chicago, a sprawling facility that is among the largest jails in the nation, has emerged as the largest-known source of U. At least cases can be linked to the jail — more than have been connected to the U. Theodore Roosevelt ; a nursing home in Kirkland, Wash.

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Those warnings prompted the authorities across the country to release thousands of inmates to try to slow the infection, save lives and preserve medical resources. Now Michael, and hundreds like him, are at the center of a public health crisis experts have been warning about for weeks. To combat the spread of the virus, the Board of Correction recommended the release of 2, inmates.

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Parole violators, people over 50, those medically at risk and inmates serving short sentences. But two weeks later, government officials have released just half. Inmates also come and go. He was being held on Rikers as Covid spread through the city. When I was in there, you had guys making their own masks with their shirts.

But less than 24 hours later, he was released. He was given a MetroCard, but no guidance about how to deal with the potential spread of Covid When I left the pen to come home, they told us nothing about how we should handle situation. Even though nobody told me nothing, I felt I should quarantine myself. I told you that baby likes that camera — Oh my goodness. The parolees is like the easiest thing they do.

Yeah, they said about or parolees. I just had read it last night. Yes, that he signed off on it. Are you OK?

Oh, I love you. Oh, you scared? Oh, God. OK, I love you. As a teacher, he had a lot of precautions, and thought he was following everything he was supposed to be doing, and he contracted the coronavirus going into a school. Another church attendee patient D3. The patients described in this report ranged in age from 5 to 86 years. The three patients who died patients A2. This cluster comprised 16 cases of COVID seven confirmed and nine probable , with transmission mostly occurring between nonhousehold contacts at family gatherings.

The median interval from last contact with a patient with confirmed or probable COVID to first symptom onset was 4 days. Within 3 weeks after mild respiratory symptoms were noted in the index patient, 15 other persons were likely infected with SARS-CoV-2, including three who died. These data illustrate the importance of social distancing for preventing SARS-CoV-2 transmission, even within families.

In this cluster, extended family gatherings a birthday party, funeral, and church attendance , all of which occurred before major social distancing policies were implemented, might have facilitated transmission of SARS-CoV-2 beyond household contacts into the broader community. These findings support CDC recommendations to avoid gatherings 7 and reinforce the executive order from the governor of Illinois prohibiting all public and private gatherings of any number of persons occurring outside a single household 8.

The findings in this investigation are subject to at least three limitations. First, lack of laboratory testing for probable cases means some probable COVID patients might have instead experienced unrelated illnesses, although influenza-like illness was declining in Chicago at the time. Second, phylogenetic data, which could confirm presumed epidemiologic linkages, were unavailable.

The U.S. now leads the world in confirmed coronavirus cases.

For example, patient B3. Patient D3. Finally, despite intensive epidemiologic investigation, not every confirmed or probable case related to this cluster might have been detected. Persons who did not display symptoms were not evaluated for COVID, which, given increasing evidence of substantial asymptomatic infection 9 , means the size of this cluster might be underestimated. In this cluster, two family gatherings outside the household likely facilitated the spread of SARS-CoV-2; one index patient who attended both events likely triggered a chain of transmission that included 15 other confirmed and probable cases of COVID and ultimately resulted in three deaths.

Media reports suggest the chain of transmission described in Chicago is not unique within the United States. More comprehensive information is needed to better understand the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in community settings and households to better inform initiation and termination of public health policies related to social distancing or stay-at-home orders. Corresponding author: Jennifer E.